About Us

Whitehill is committed to enabling children to be Ready for a journey of lifelong learning, through an exciting, challenging and engaging school experience; developing Respectful children who embrace diversity and individuality; becoming Responsible members of society and being a positive influence on future generations.

At Whitehill Community Academy we are committed to developing values based on mutual respect, trust and support. We commit to helping children thrive through setting high expectations, consistency and inclusivity. At the heart of Whitehill is happiness and we pride ourselves on building a school where fun and enjoyment are integral, allowing children to be the best they can be.

To open their minds we have created a curriculum which excites and engages the children and we endeavour to provide a nurturing and personalised approach to all learning. Children enjoy and know the value of learning from making mistakes and facing challenges. This develops resilience and self-belief resulting in an ‘I can’ attitude. We believe small steps are as important as big steps and we help children find their own path by widening their horizons and ensuring every child has a voice.

We are a fully inclusive school and our practice is always evolving. We are a school where each and every child is seen as an individual and we are able to respond quickly to their needs. Children feel safe and valued in school and this encourages them to always try their best and never give up, unlocking their full potential. We are a school which understands and responds to the life experiences of the children within our community. We do this by taking the time to build meaningful relationships with families creating a partnership between the adults who love and care for the children the most.

We are a supportive and approachable team who believe in our vision, where every child has their individual needs met. Teamwork drives us forward, providing an abundance of nurture and care for all children which encourages them to grow as individuals. Through building a sense of belonging and community, we create a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere where all success is celebrated together.

Ofsted Good Provider
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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