Subject Intent

The geography curriculum at Whitehill Community Academy is delivered through timetabled lessons, visits, trips and fieldwork. When designing the geography curriculum, the full national curriculum for geography was taken into consideration, ensuring that pupils are exposed to all of the aims and more.

The geography curriculum will provide a structured journey from EYFS to Year 6 to develop age appropriate vocabulary building on prior learning and understanding. We will involve an enquiry-based learning approach, visiting and exploring the world around us. This will develop curiosity and readiness for the ever-changing geography of our society.

The geography curriculum will provide learning opportunities that encompass the world around them to support children in gaining empathy and understanding of how behaviours locally and internationally impact all communities. Through visits and research, children’s geographical responsibility will be developed, aiming to achieve an understanding of how to care for our world.

In our geography lessons, children’s discussions during enquiry-based learning will help them discover aspects about the world on a need-to-know basis to help them prepare for the world beyond Whitehill Community Academy. The structured journey from EYFS to Year 6 will support independence and resilience whilst skills are built upon.

Our geographical studies will empower children with the knowledge and understanding to understand their place and how their contributions impact the wider world. Real life discussions and fieldwork will focus on children’s potential impact on a local and international scale.

Golden Threads

To enable our subject leaders to provide a robust approach to the geography curriculum, knowledge and skills are structured so that each term and year build upon one another. This is done by mapping out the ‘Golden Threads’ of our geography curriculum. Through mapping out the ‘Golden Threads’ we can ensure that pupils are given lots of opportunities to perfect their skills, knowledge and understanding.

The Golden Threads of ‘geography’ are:

  • Human and Physical features
  • Place Knowledge
  • Locational Knowledge
  • Fieldwork
  • Climate

Long-term plan

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