Religious Education

Subject Intent

The Religious Education curriculum at Whitehill Community Academy is delivered through timetabled lessons, assemblies, visits and special visitors. When designing the Religious Education curriculum, the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Calderdale and Kirklees was taken into consideration, ensuring that pupils are exposed to all of the aims and more.

The RE curriculum at Whitehill Community Academy will help children investigate beliefs and practices of religions and worldviews, particularly developing personal knowledge and perspective. We aim to provide children with the subject knowledge of religious and non-religious traditions using a sequenced and robust approach, whilst nurturing their personal reflection.

The RE curriculum will encourage tolerance, understanding and awareness of opinions and beliefs, locally and globally. It will do this through investigating how religions and worldviews can address questions of meaning, purpose and value. At Whitehill, we will expose children to a range of faiths and promote responsibility within the community – whether that be the Whitehill community, local or wider.

We will provide the children of Whitehill with the maturity and ability to participate in conversations about religion, to show respect, appreciation and acceptance to those with differing viewpoints. This will be achieved through facilitating meaningful discussions and addressing some stereotypical views of religion. Children will be encouraged to take ownership of their own opinions and be respectful of others.

The RE curriculum will enhance the learning and understanding of our children by ensuring they are exposed to a variety of experiences, including visits to religious places, encouraging external visitors of different religions and assemblies. Children will explore diversity amongst religious and non-religious traditions and become accepting of all people’s identity within our multicultural society.

Golden Threads

To enable our subject leaders to provide a robust approach to the Religious Education curriculum, knowledge and skills are structured so that each term and year build upon one another. This is done by mapping out the ‘Golden Threads’ of our RE curriculum. Through mapping out the ‘Golden Threads’ we can ensure that pupils are given lots of opportunities to perfect their skills, knowledge and understanding.

The Golden Threads of ‘Religious Education’ are:

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Belonging

Long-term plan

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